Australia's Coolest Companies 2016

You'll find loads of lists when searching for the best companies to work for in Australia. We wanted to do something different and find Australia's Coolest Companies that have an awesome story to tell.

Last year we kicked off our search by opening entries for the Coolest Companies in Tech, Finance, for Diversity and Small Business/SMB.  You can read all about it on This year in Australia we're on the hunt for businesses in the same categories.

Envato won 3rd in Tech and 1st for Women!

 Vinomofo came 2nd in our Tech category!

Vinomofo came 2nd in our Tech category!

 Adobe ranked in both categories!

Adobe ranked in both categories!


What's a "Cool" Tech Company?

By "cool" we mean those companies that are killing it in their market, have an awesome product, offer a game changing service, have a unique culture, provide unprecedented benefits to employees and maybe even have an office to die for. The judges will be looking for strong growth, innovation, ambition as well as a clear vision.


What's a "Cool" Finance Company?

By "cool" we mean companies in the financial sector who are dominating their market, have an awesome financial  product or service offering, provide exceptional service, have a unique culture, provide training and development to employees and have an organisational culture that draws people in and keeps them there.


What's a "Cool" Company for Diversity?

By "cool" we're looking for companies that actively support equal opportunities, foster friendly working environments, demonstrate advancing of equality and diversity as key features in all their activities and have employees from all walks of life who are proud to work there.


What's a "Cool" Company for Small Businesses?

By "cool" we mean companies with 40 employees or less who provide an awesome service or product and are passionate about their offering, have a unique culture and can provide a clear vision for developing and growing the business, including strategies for developing their staff.

How to enter

If you think you have a cool story to tell, then we'd love to help you share it. All you need to do is:

1. Enter your details and tell us why you're the coolest company

2. Create or claim your free JobAdvisor profile

3. Update your JobAdvisor profile

4. Collect at least 3 new reviews from your team


What happens next?

Entries will close on Thursday, 26th October 2017 and our judges will assess your entry to which we will announce the Top 10, Top 5 and Winners in each category in November.

Finalists will receive the 'Coolest Company' badge on their JobAdvisor profile, special promotion on, our social networks, through our partners and media. Winners of each category will receive the same promotional coverage, not to mention our prestigious JobAdvisor Coolest Company trophy and serious bragging rights!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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